Almost all of us have a family throughout our entire life. We are born into one and we create one when we reach adulthood. Sometimes, we include our best friends as members of our family. And…when we have pets, they are definitely part of our lives. We have very special bonds with the members of our family. We want them to be happy and successful. We want the best for them. Sometimes, we wish we could have the power to create things for them. I have huge news for you!!! You have the power to create amazing things for them!!! When we have children at school, we have the power to create their marks and awesome friends for them. My clients have done that! It is one of the most common things that my clients create for their children. When we understand how powerful we are and when we start to use that power in our daily lives our horizons of possibilities increase rapidly.

One of my clients emailed me about his child. His 6 year old daughter had a temperature of 106 degrees (Fahrenheit). He used the power of his mind and in a few minutes the temperature went down. She got up from the bed and started to play. He was so happy that he was able to do it for his little girl.  Another client took his dog to a vet. He was told that all they could do is to put his dog to sleep. He took his dog back home and applied what I told him. The dog was just laying down on the floor. My client had to lift the dog’s head to give him some water. We had a session on Skype. I told him to keep the picture in his mind that the dog is healthy and keep doing the tools. As we are talking, suddenly…I saw a dog’s head above the couch. I told my client to turn. He did. He jumped from the chair and hugged his dog. He was saying over and over that his dog was sitting up!!! Bit by bit…in around 2 weeks the dog was running around. My client healed his family member as all dog owners will tell you that their pets are family.

Another one of my client’s had a 3 year old autistic grandson. Wherever my client or his parents took him, he was screaming as it was a big challenge for him to be around other people. I told my client that she can change her little grandson. She applied the tools that I gave her and every time she came to see me, she told me that he was getting better and better. One day, she informed me that they took him to Disney World. You know how many people are in Disney World especially around Christmas. The little boy went from ride to ride enjoying himself. He even stood in line for 90 minutes waiting for a ride! My client was amazed! But…the biggest thing was when she said that he sat on Santa’s lap and told him what he wanted for Christmas. That was so huge!!! She was in awe, realizing how powerful we are. So powerful that we can change a precious little life and make it so much better. Now, he goes to Pre-School and he loves learning.

Another client’s daughter’s marriage needed some improvement. She used the power of her mind and created an amazing relationship for her daughter. Other clients created jobs for their spouses and children. The list goes on and on…

What would YOU like to create for your family? If you can imagine it…you can create it.

Whatever you want to create, first you need to be calm. You need to feel lots of love for the person you want to create things for. Then, have a picture in your mind of the perfect outcome. How would you like this person or situation to be?

Do you know how it makes you feel when you realize that you can create things for your family?

Knowing and understanding of the power that you have is precious!!! It gives you peace of mind.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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