We all go to school where we acquire knowledge about a variety of subjects. We also learn specific information about a profession that we elected to pursue. We choose what level of education we want to achieve and what degree we want to have.

As we start our adult life, we realize that there is another kind of knowledge that is crucial. That knowledge is about the power of our mind. Why do we have two people with the same education and same profession with varies success? How to create amazing relationships? How to be happy? How to heal yourself? Etc. That knowledge goes far beyond the school curriculum.

There are two things that we need to do. We need to learn about the power of our mind and we need to grow. Learning is acquiring the knowledge that already exists. Growing is going beyond what is known. It is creating new knowledge. You see, whatever you think in your wildest dreams, you are barely scratching the surface of your true potential. This WORLD works in a completely different way than we realize and when we LEARN about it and we KNOW how to apply it we CAN create everything! We have the power to create amazing things for ourselves as well for others and we realize that if we can imagine it, we can have it!

So, how does this WORLD work? In a nutshell, we create everything in our lives and we create it by the way we feel. When we feel good, we create what we desire. It is crucial that we feel good as often as possible. When we do that we are going to create things in our lives easier and simpler, and more fun.

What is going to happen when we keep growing our new knowledge? When we go beyond what we have ever known. When we learn about things that were beyond what we thought was possible. When we enter the unchartered territory of knowledge and wisdom. What happens then? We acquire a PHD in life. What is a PHD in life? It is understanding how this World and the creation work, understanding our true power and knowing how to use that power in every situation to create exactly what we desire. We call it Enlightenment. When we read from the ancient book of wisdom a statement where the Master himself states something extremely profound concluding that only a person who is enlightened can understand it. And…we DO understand it perfectly!!! We sit…for a while…in awe…as we have just realized that we have reached the enlightenment! We have just acquired a PHD in life! The profoundness of it is overwhelming!!! We are a completely new person as we see ourselves, the entire World and everyone and everything in it in a completely new way. We are beyond the human level. We are changed FOREVER!!!

And…then the amazing realization happens. Everyone can reach enlightenment!!! There is a straight forward path to it instead of a big detour that takes years.

And then…we make another huge discovery… The Enlightenment is just only the beginning…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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