Is the subject of our conversation important? More than we realize!

Let me explain.

We create everything in our lives by the way we feel. When we feel good we create in our lives what we desire. So, it is crucial that we feel good. When we talk and whatever it is that we verbalize makes our emotions stronger. As they become amplified they create more of what it is that we are talking about. So, now you understand how important the subject is of a conversation. Whatever we talk about we create more of it. That is why we need to choose what it is that we are talking about. We need to make a big point of talking only about things that make us feel good. Anything else, if we really need to say it, say it only once and let it go.

What does it mean in practice?

It means when something good happens to us we need to take a megaphone and go to the world. We need to talk about it over and over. That makes the positive emotions stronger and they create more of what it is that we are talking about. When we get new clients or when we have our relationships going better, we need to talk about it. When I have clients healing themselves, I always make sure that they notice the smallest changes and they get very excited about them and pat themselves on the back. Then, they need to talk about it to everyone! That creates more improvement and before they know it, they are healthy. The same thing applies to every aspect of our lives.

The power of the spoken word goes beyond talking to others. What is it that we are telling ourselves? Are we kind and loving towards ourselves? We are creating everything in our lives including us. We are shaping ourselves by the very words that we say. If we want to be happy, confident, brilliant, successful, etc., that is what we need to tell ourselves. We need to say all the nice and kind things to ourselves. If we created a situation that we wish was different, it is a good idea to tell ourselves that we are brilliant and extremely successful and what has just happened is only temporary. We need to give ourselves a break! We need to pat ourselves on the back often and praise for the smallest achievement. That will create more success and it will get us were we want.

So, what is the subject of a conversation that we are having, whether we are talking to others or ourselves? Because, whatever that subject is it will create more of what it is we are talking about. Make sure that whatever you say it makes you feel good!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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